Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can real people ask the questions in the debates?

Last Wednesday I rushed home leaving a pile of work on my desk to get home to the watch the ABC debate. I greatly admire the moderators of the debate and I was looking forward to an informative exchange between the candidates. Within 40 minutes I have to say I was very disgusted. Instead of questions about health care, education and issues that matter to the American voter, they spent time on lapel pins, Rev. Wright and Bosnia. At the end of the debate each candidates had thirty seconds to address the issue of $4.00 gas prices. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

If I am not mistaken each candidate has answered each of these questions, what more do they need to say?

If Obama wears a lapel pin does that lower gas prices?

If Hillary lies about Bosnia does that lower my taxes?

I think this problem with these debates is that you have white millionaires asking these questions. Of course they are not concerned about food and gas prices and medicare so why would they ask questions pertaining to them.

These moderators do a dis-service to to the American voter when the real issues are not talked about.

I hope in the general election ABC and the other networks will talk heed and take be the real voice of the people.