Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skip Gates and Racsim

I have to tell you I love reading the newspaper, however this mornig was an excption,. My hero a gentlemen that I admire had a mug shot in this morning's paper. Here is the irony the first African American President was on the cover of the newspaper so I started reading the paper with a smile. And then I got to that page. What page? The page where a Harvard educated man had a mug shot becuase of an arrest. Why was he arrested? Well he was trying to get into his own home on the campus where he is a tenured proffesor. Someone called the police becuase they thought that Dr. Gates was breaking in his own home. After he showed his Harvard ID and an ID to show his address of the home he was in he was still arrested The police officer said the 5' 7"/150 lb Gates was disorderly to a police officer with a gun in Cambridge. HMMMMMMMMMM. I know Obama gave a speech last week about no exuses and about hard work , but that is what Dr. Gates has done all of his life and he still ended up with an arrest and a mugshot. Are there really no more exuses?

Here is an update about the case.