Saturday, June 27, 2009

MJ and Me

I it safe to say I had a wonderful childhood. It was not perfect but it was one filled with parents who loved me,brothers who I laughed with and the music of Micheal Jackson. My earliest memory of a Micheal Jackson song was at the end of my Headstart graduation, my teacher put on the song ABC and while the other kids were shy I danced, danced and danced. When Micheal Jackson sang "shake it shake it baby" I did and according to my Mom I was the star of the show.

When I was about 11 years old my cousins took me to see tHE JACKSON FIVE and I remember being mad because my cousins go to wear thier fly clothes (hot pants and tube tops) and Mommy made me wear jeans and a t-shrit. I was prepared to wear a crush velvet purple and pink dress and dreamed of MJ noticing me and whisking me off to California where we would have a wedding to end all weddings.

I saw him years later at Soilder Field in Chicago when he reunited with his brothers for the Victory tour and I was horse from screaming his name.

Over the years Micheal got stranger and lighter but whenever there was a family gathering we would always play his musick, dance and laugh about our crushes on the Jackson Five. Micheal changed but our love affair with his music did not

This past Thursday I lost my first love my first crush my first guy. I will miss him and all that he was and I am glad he left us so much to remember him by. He was BAD and he was a THRILLER!!!

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