Sunday, March 29, 2009

Despite the outlook I feel good.

For the past few days I have neglected my blog. Work has been a bit overwhelming and when I am not there I am usually unwinding from being there. One of the reasons for starting this blog was to record my own thots and opinions about the presidential race and now that the race is over and my candidate won, I find my thots probably a bit boring. The truth is this I see the bleak economic forecast for this country and I listen to more commentaries than a human being really should. I tune in to CNBC and watch my personal stock plummet and after looking at my retirement portfolio the other day I think I can retire at the old age of 80. That is cool I have nothing better to do. But let me say this I am confident in where this country is and is going and I think our future has never looked better.

As much as I love President Obama my faith is not in him it is truly in Jesus Christ. However, I feel better knowing that there is someone in the White House who seems to care, not be afraid of hard work and knows what they are doing.

For the past few days there has been chatter about President Obama and if he is trying to do to much. When I hear people asking this question I wonder what they do for a living and what their in box looks like. I think about my own work life, and I have about five projects to complete, several different reports due and it changes everyday. I nor the President have the luxury of just focusing on one thing and if I were a betting person I would guess most people do not.

Even thought we have not seen this in the past eight years this is what a competent, intelligent President does . Time and history will judge the success of President Obama and he is working like mad to make sure it does just that in a positive way. I say GO MR. PRESIDENT!