Saturday, May 23, 2009

I am not sure who is right but we have to get this right!

On all of the morning, afternoon and evening talk shows, pundits have been comparing President Obama and former Vice President Cheney's speeches on the methods of torture , what is toture, and the question of national security. Of course former Vice President Cheney's defense is that the Bush administration's methods were effective and kept the country safe after 9/11. President Obama's opinion is that tourture did happen and did not work,Gitmo should closed and perhpas these prisoners in Gitmo who are terrorists should be put in maximun security prisons in and around the United States.

I have a mixed opinions about this entire subject for a number of reasons I will not bore you with. However this is what I know for sure. WHOMEVER IS IN CHARGE HAS GOT TO GET THIS RIGHT. It is fine to make speeches, it is fine to have conversations but at some point each side has to sit with the other and come up with a solution that is effective. I am not a foreign policy expert by any means but I do know how important it is to keep not only America but the world safe. So enough with the speeches, talking heads and editorials let's get to work becuse if we do not get this right the alternative is dangerous and unacceptable.