Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Big Endorsement

When you watched John Edwards over the last few days, you got a sense that he was on the verge of endorsing Obama but something made him stop. Many people said it was his wife (who really likes Hillary's health care plan) or perhaps he wanted to stay neutral in order to help out later on at the convention. What ever the reason he came out today in Michigan and enthusiastically support Mr. Obama. Although all of this is happening it seems that Hillary is not going anywhere, as she told Wolf Blitzer she is in it until the end. My hope is that Mrs. Clinton does not make this ugly and that she goes out with grace and dignity. I hope that she campaigns hard for Mr. Obama and tells her supporters that he really is the best candidate.

There is one problem all year she has been telling people that he is not qualified, that she and McCain have the experience but Obama does not.

Funny how sometimes you have to be careful what you say because many times it can come back to bite you.