Thursday, May 1, 2008

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Hello all

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Hey Kim where are you?

Hello all

I am right here oberserving all of this foolishness!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it has been a while since I have posted a comment. Since my last my last post, Obama lost Pennsylvania, gained many super delagats and lost a Pastor. As much as I hate to say this the turn of events have helped Obama. Every since the sermons of Rev. Wright surface the subject of Rev. Wright have held Obama back. Whenever there is an interview with Obama, a debate or analysis the subject always comes up, not his position on education, health care or the war (which is very important to the American people) it is Rev. Wright.

Many people asked why Obama did not denouce Rev. Wright before this time, well honestly it would have been politically suicide. The base of Obama's support is African Americans and the truth is African Americans are very loyal to thier Church and Pastors. We have forgiven our Pastors from everything to Audultry and stealing so a couple of contiversial sermons PLEASE!!!!!!!!! That would have been political suicide for Obama. Rev. Wrights antics at the National Press Club gave Obama an excellent opportunity to denouce Rev. Wright. The speech and question and answer period were not taken out of context and they were not just sound bites. So Mr. Obama did what he had to do. Perhaps this will win him the nominination and perhaps he will win the election. But the truth is Black America lost this week. We watched a black men battle with each other in public and in our community that is a "no no". As the Godfather told his older son Santino " Never let anyone outside the family know whta you are thinking.

So here wer are on the verge of making history but in the end we will be broken as a result of it.