Friday, September 26, 2008

Do not panic we have been here before.

For the past few days I have been quiet about the financial mess in the county and if McCain and Obama should debate. Perhaps this is not a great thing for a writer to admit but I am at a loss for words. Never have a I seen so many people panicked and clueless . Just today I saw Erin Burnett of CNBC practically in tears begging for leadership in DC the other day I saw Susie Orman on Oprah screaming at the audience stating “ The Party is Over”.

I have to admit I am not in panic mode just yet. Yes, I have lost money this week, not a great deal ,but enough to make me re-think some investments . What I realized this week is my history does not dictate me to panic and to be truthful it is not allowed. The blood that runs thru my veins is the blood of Africans who survived a boat voyage too horrendous to imagine, the humiliation of slavery and all of the unmentioned horrors involved. I come from people who lived thru Jim Crow and worked to repeal those laws to make things not only better for themselves but also for generations after them. My ancestors defined a generation during the Civil Rights movement by marching, voting, sitting in and standing up and creating laws to protect all Americans.

I come from a resilient people, a people who had to be strong long before there was a Wall Street. When I look back at what we have been thru I truly understand that we can and will get thru this crisis. Will it be easy? No. We are going to have to change the way we do things, buckle down and work harder than ever before. But more importantly we have to pray like our ancestors before us. I once heard that prayer is not plan and white that is a true statement sometimes all you have is prayer.

So I urge all of us not to panic but reach back and grab some of the backbone and faith our ancestors had. We all may be surprised how far it will go.

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