Friday, September 19, 2008

It's close so watch what you say.

At this point in the election the polls are close and everything you say and do will be looked at under a microscope so folks as the guy would say on Hill Street Blues " Let's be careful out There".

Now is not the time to say " Our economy is fundamentally strong." It just may be but Monday was not the day to say that. (John McCain)

Now is not the time to say " ...don't vote for a candidate because she is cute" This also may be true but the other candidates wife should not say that (Michelle Obama)

Now is not the time to say " It is your Patriotic Duty to pay taxes" This may also be true but some people lost a bundle this week, let them worry about that on April 15, 2009. (Joe Biden)

With the clock ticking and the November just around the corner these folks need to watch what they say because all of America is.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama needs to really watch what she says.