Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am sick of "Joe" the plumber

Ok I have tried to be patient and I have tried to be nice but I am sick of Joe the plumber. This guy has become famous because he asked Obama about the taxes he would pay IF he buys a plumbing business and makes $250,000. Obama told him IF this happens he would pay higher taxes and we have to spread the wealth. Because of this one comment he has been called a “Socialist” amongst other things.

What kills me about this “Joe” person is that he has taken this whole thing and run with it. He may be running for Congress, and he is on a “Joe the Plumber tour” for McCain. But let’s clear up some things #1 He is not a licensed plumber -- Hey Joe why don’t you get off of the tour and get that license #2 He is not making that much money right now so under the Obama tax plan he would get a tax break so Joe could save money and get that business even faster-DUHHHH!!! #3 He owes back taxes so why won't Joe pay his back taxes and then worry about his future taxes. Ain’t that logical?? Yes I meant to say AIN”’T # 4 His name is not EVEN JOE!!!!!!!!

This guy is a joke but perhaps the joke is own me. Next week when Obama wins the election Joe will probably have his own show on Fox, run for Congress and win. Hmm perhaps he should be worrying about his new tax base.

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