Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shame on Us and McCain and Palin.

There are two things I have noticed from the observations of the debate last night.

#1 Everyone says the debate was boring and there was not a knockout punch from either candidate.

For years people have said they avoid politics because it is down and dirty yet when politicians act civil towards each other the public states the debates are boring. What does it say about
us as a society when we want to see two leading leaders fight? Dirty politics as I have said before does not help anybody and we need to stop looking for flash and style that is why we are in the mess
we are in right now. Let’s us demand from our candidates that they provide answers to our problems and insight on taking our country to a better place.

#2 Why is Senator McCain so angry and so rude to Barack Obama both in person and on the trail?

Senator McCain and his running mate have launched a very dangerous effort in painting Obama as dangerous. It is fine to attack Obama on the issues, but to scare people about a fellow U.S. Senator
is not smart and it borders on racism. The tone is fueling hate and it is not indicative of where we should be as a country. When Obama does win McCain and Palin will have a great deal of apologizing to do. It is also incumbent upon McCain to be civil to Obama, this does not include calling Obama “that one” and refusing to shake his hand.

McCain is going in a dangerous direction and it is very disappointing from a candidate who promised to run a clean campaign . The truth is this if Obama wins or loses he can look himself in a mirror and state he ran a 98% clean campaign. Too bad John McCain will not be able to do the same.

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