Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is Mr. Cheney being Patriotic?

I know that is a shock to those who know me know that I am not a big fan of former Vice President Dick Cheney. I think as Vice-President Joe Biden said in a debate, Mr Cheney is the most dangerous Vice President in history. During the eight years he was Vice President Mr. Cheney was rarely seen, he rarely gave interviews and sometimes would not be seen for months at a time. However now Mr. Cheney seems to have found his voice since being out of office and is sounding the alarm that President Obama has made the United Staes less safe by some of his recent policies. I am not going to talk about Mr. Obama's polices and if Mr. Cheney is right. However, I do believe what Mr Cheney is doing is dangerous and it as if he wants the United States to be attacked just to prove him self right.

The Republican party always wants to potray itself as being a party who is so patriotic. But is Mr. Cheney being patriotic talking against the policies of the current adminstration? I think not. He would be well served to keep quiet and the Obama administration to do what they think is best as the Clinton administration did the Bush administration. Mr. Cheney must understand that the atmosphere of fear has been replaced with hope and he would serve this country best by going back to his undisclosed bunker and being the mean old grumpy man he has always been. That would be patriotic.

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