Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One of the things that I am learning in life is that if you want to be successful in a certain are look and study people who have been successful in that arena. If I wanted to be successful in marriage and mothering I would look to my Mother and Michelle Obama. Oprah Winfrey would be my model to be successful businesswomen and entrepreneur. If I could get five minutes of face time with Sarah Palin I would tell her to study, study and study Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mrs. Clinton has handled whatever life has thrown at her with grace and strength. She has done it I under the scrutiny of the media and landed as one of the most powerful women in the world. While late night hosts and comedians were making fun of her husband and her she spent the time preparing herself for greater things and by doing so having the last laugh.

During the last election I enthusiastically supported President Obama but I was overly impressed with Mrs. Clinton and I knew that no matter who was the Democratic nominee would eventually win the November election and be a successful President. Mrs Clinton is strong, knowledgeable , tough and capable. In other words SHE IS A BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD GIRL.

So my advice to Mrs. Palin is quite simple study your foreign policy, figure out that Africa is a continent with counties, get some Black and Hispanic friends (listen to them) and study Hillary Clinton because she is a true model of success.

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