Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's have a real health care debate

About 16 years ago I lived for a year without health insurance. Of course I was much younger and the thought of coming down with a serious disease was not an issue but in the back of my mind was always the fear of being in a serious accident or breaking a limb. The blessing was that I was not resposible for a child or sick parent and in that entire year not one thing happened to me. I felt a strong relief when I did get finally get health insurance and could see a doctor on a regulare basis.

The statisitcs show that 46 million Americans do not have health insurance, and many of those people have childern. In a country this rich that is a travesty, and for over sixty years Washington has tried to so somethning about it. This year for the first time since the Clinton administration there seems to be a clear path to universial health care.

During the August recess members of Congress are having town halls meetings to talk about the issue of health care and unfortunately they are being shouted down in meetings by people on the right who disagree with the proposed health care bill

Therefore no one wins, not the people withourt healthcare, not the peoploe with healthcare who need something better and not the people who need thier health care premiums to come down.

What needs to happen is true civil converesation on this subject. This is the most serious subject we will face as a country and if we do not treat it as such the price we will pay is one that we can not cover.

Stop the shouting, stop the lies and let's have a conversation.

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