Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skip Gates and Racsim

I have to tell you I love reading the newspaper, however this mornig was an excption,. My hero a gentlemen that I admire had a mug shot in this morning's paper. Here is the irony the first African American President was on the cover of the newspaper so I started reading the paper with a smile. And then I got to that page. What page? The page where a Harvard educated man had a mug shot becuase of an arrest. Why was he arrested? Well he was trying to get into his own home on the campus where he is a tenured proffesor. Someone called the police becuase they thought that Dr. Gates was breaking in his own home. After he showed his Harvard ID and an ID to show his address of the home he was in he was still arrested The police officer said the 5' 7"/150 lb Gates was disorderly to a police officer with a gun in Cambridge. HMMMMMMMMMM. I know Obama gave a speech last week about no exuses and about hard work , but that is what Dr. Gates has done all of his life and he still ended up with an arrest and a mugshot. Are there really no more exuses?

Here is an update about the case.


Anonymous said...

You stated (CNN quote)that this wouldn't happen to a white person of similar standing and I agree. The white professor would have stepped onto the porch and continued the conversation with the officer and thanked him for checking on the home. Only a black man would see the police response as some kind of intrusion and affront to his blackness. Educated my patootie. A PHD in ghetto, maybe, but not educated.

Anonymous said...

sorry but i can not feel sorry for some shleph who acts like an asshole an jumps to the race card everytime an officer comes a knocking. if the so called scholar acted like a gentelman insted of an asshole then nothing would have happened. also i was wondering when is an aisan american or a latino american going to be a harvard teacher of african american studies? it's not going to happen the gentalman in question in my opinion just isn't smart enough to be a teacher of a REAL educational subject. as an american i'm just sick of hearing people bitch about race it's SOOOOO 20th century. the only people who hate are the racist themselves and you needlessly drag every american into your stupid fight for nothing. where is the justice for the gay black boy in fort lauderdale who was beaten by his own race to death? huh whwat's that? i don't see that spoiled black teacher standing up for him. i don't see the racist jessie jackson or racist al sharpton standing up for his rights. that boy was brutally murdered and not a fuck scumbag in that rat infested shithole of sistrunk bolevard will even say who killed him. your all a bunch of fuck up riding on the coattails of the honest hardworking NON RACIST people who would rather be bothered by more important issues like OUR country being in turmoil both financially, job wise and , being threatened daily by real religious nutcases on both sides of the fence. but i understand. you won't even have a job if racism were to disappear today. your just don't have the testicular fortitude to go get a real job and work like the rest of this country. you want respect go buy a farm an make food. and people will give the due respect you so much covet. go pick garbage up, go cut meat,make a new type of car. don't be the bitch that sit in an air conditioned room crying wolf when only cats are abound. DIRECTORJOEFAZIO@GMAIL.COM if ya wanna bitch and no i don't care for the grammar . you spoiled snotty superfical little bitch--HOWARD STERN RULES

c67302 said...

Hey Kim, I also read about Dr. Gates and was shocked like yourself. I have to admit, that was way out of line. I think most police take it one step too far when it comes to anything to do with a person of a different race. CNN stated you said "there's a reason why you don't hear about prominent white people arrested in their homes: because it doesn't happen." That quote was off CNN's internet site. You need to be careful. You didn't have to use Prominate in your statement. That sounds like you might be categorizing people by how much they make, which is another type of prejudice.