Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Issues vs. Lies

It seems that the country is in love with Sarah Palin, that makes sense the May-December romance with Barak Obama had to end sometime and now we are at the meat and potatoes of the campaign and well we should be. I do not have to give a long list of what is wrong with this country you can check out any major newspaper or pundit show to do that.

The question really is who is is capable of getting us out of this mess? And is their walk to the White House built on honesty and character that will help lead the American people. Gov. Palin gave an excellent speech at the RNC last week, however it was full of lies, no real solutions on helping the American people (especially the middle class) and demeaning remarks to those who are the heart and soul of the communities that I and many people grew up in.

The last two elections we voted for someone who we said we could have a beer with, and that person did not even drink anymore (as far as I know).

Now the polls show that women are going to vote with someone who goes to Walmart like they do. Believe me Sarah Palin's Walmart days are over, with the book deals coming to her and her husband if you see her in Walmart I will pay for your next Costco membership.

Take a real close look at this woman and of course John McCain and you tell me is this what your Walmart budget afford.

But more importantly is this what the American people can afford?


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