Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain I know you are a war hero but what are you going to do for me!!!!!!!!!!

Because I am a blogger and a political junkie I watched the speech that McCain gave last night. I happened to be staying at a friend's house who came home in the middle of the speech. " Why are you watching this?" she said. I told her he might be my President and of course I have to blog about it.

After watching the speech for about a half an hour I asked myself the same question. That speech did not address any of my concerns of health care, medicare, social security and problems of the middle class.

At times I have often wondered was I participating in the right party (Democratic) and if I should open my mind to the Republican party, after last night's speech from John McCain I got my answer.

He mentioned helping a family who had a child with special needs, however John McCain has voted against giving tax cuts to families such as these several times and just last year voted against mandatory health care for all children. If you speak to people who have children with special needs they will tell you about the high costs of health care. So my question is how was John McCain going to help them?

Mr. McCain also mentioned our troops overseas yet he has voted against a G.I. Bill to help those troops when they return from harms way. So how is John McCain going to help them?

He talked about helping families who are having a hard time in this economy yet he has voted against raising the minimum wage thirteen times. Who does this help? ( He did not mention the middle class at all last night)

It was a strong speech and very powerful but it was all talk John McCain is really going to be another Bush term and that is something this country and its citizens cannot afford.

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