Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am not listening!!!!!

I am going to make a confession; I have not read the details about the stimulus package. Unfortunately I made the mistake of allowing the media to tell me about it and trusted that the President and Congress would have the intelligence to pass a bill that would help the everyday American, do what is best for the country and get us out of this mess as quickly and realistically as possible. But I have to admit I am a bit miffed with what is going on. All I hear is political pundits putting down the bill, then I hear Republicans and Democrats going back and forth about political ideology and who said what to whom and how this person is not listening blah blah blah. Are these people crazy? Do you they watch the news? People need help like YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!.

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! Is it really too much to ask the President and Congress to sit down and work on a plan TOGETHER to get folks working and banks lending? I mean is it really that difficult? Tell you what I am going to take a break from listening until you guys & gals get it together because nobody is making sense.

I love this country but if all of you can’t do something about what we are going thru and fix this mess then do not come looking for my vote when it is your turn to bere- elected because then I will not be listening.

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RhanW4560 said...

I totally agree with you cuz.

And that was Kimberly Coleman of Sista Girl Speak Up. To hear more of Kimberly's comments please listen to her at sistergirltalks on blog talk radio. This is Ronald Wadley for station WBPN (Black People's New) turning it back to you at the station.