Thursday, February 5, 2009

The High expectations of Low expectations

Yesterday I made a pledge that I would not watch any politico shows for a while because, well I needed a break, and I almost kept my promise. I found a great movie called Night and Day with my favorite actor Carey Grant. Before I found the movie I briefly stopped by Fox News (don’t ask) and saw Carly Fiorina being interview about Barack Obama’s presidency thus far. For those who don’t know, Ms. Fiorina is the former Chairman of the Board at Hewlett Packard and a former economic advisor to John McCain’s campaign. During the interview Ms. Fiorina stated and I quote “ President Obama’s biggest problem is that there are such high expectations of him.” After that statement I quickly turned back to my dream man Mr. Grant.

But I got to thinking when did having high expectations become a bad thing? Perhaps it became a bad thing when weak intelligence was used to engage in a war that we had no business starting. Or perhaps it was during Katrina when Mr. Brown was told he was doing a” heck of a job” while hundreds of people were begging for basic food and water at the convention center. I could go on but think that is enough I mean why revive an old nightmare?

The truth is President Obama knows all about high expectations because he has had them most of his life . So Ms. Fiorina don’t worry about President Obama and high expectations he has been having them and meeting them most of his life.

Yes we have high expectations of the President but here is what we expect. We want and need a President who is going to listen when we need to be heard, think when an action is tough and act honorably when faced with a crisis. That is not just high expectations it is called doing the job.

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Gravitar Profundus said...

couldn't agree more. after the past 8 years we can't survive much longer without some expected excellence being achieved. hope must remain high because there are still plenty of congressional leftovers that have to be dragged kicking and screaming into this needed age of renewed excellence. i am hoping that a recent incident we all know well will become a marker for when it all really started: