Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cnn article on Henry Louis Gates.

This CNN article came out today and I am quoted in the article. It is regarding Henry Louis Gates.


asilomar said...

Your comments in this article really struck me. I actually searched for your blog in hopes of following up on your idea:

"It's time for America to have a long overdue national conversation about race, Coleman said. "When are we going to have that," she said. "When are we really going to sit down and strip down and say, 'This is what I feel about you and this is what you feel about me. Now, how are we going to get over that?'"

It would be wonderful to have a forum for an open, constructive, positive discussion like this. I don't know if an open online forum would work--would degenerate into flame wars quickly. If you have any ideas on how this could work, I for one would participate.

Just wanted to say thank you, I support your idea, and would love to see more openness and connection between individuals.

Sista Girl Speaks Up said...

Thank you so much for finding me and taking time to post your comments I look forward to futher dialouge.

Peace and blessing to you